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CÓRus.ie on TV3’s Elaine

The founding members of CÓRus, Mary Lowe O’Gorman and Yvonne McDonald were invited onto TV3’s Elaine show to talk about all the benefits of singing in a group.

Not only to one’s mental health but to increase your overall wellbeing – and become a better singer!

Studies increasingly find evidence that singing is one of the quickest ways to improve both mood and general health; especially singing in a large group.

Mary Lowe O’Gorman and Yvonne McDonald, set up adult group singing classes: CÓRus.ie seven years ago and have found it to be a life-changing experience for both themselves and their members.

Classes are filled with enthusiastic singers from all walks of life and of all ages. And, even though their love of singing was the reason they joined, CÓRus members have reported improved mental and physical health, as an unexpected (but very welcome) side effect of their weekly classes.

“We profoundly believe that your health and wellbeing improves from singing; we’ve seen it happen!” says Mary Lowe O’Gorman.

The repertoire is based on contemporary hits and older classic hits, musicals and the list goes on. Pop, rock, country – all kinds of songs end up with a CÓRus twist.

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