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The World’s 1st Tanning Glove invented by Irish Entrepreneur

The gLove


Fast and Beautifully Precise! Show your tan some extra gLOVE!


The New Digit-al Age of Tanning is Here!

The gLove is the world’s first Tanning Glove and it’s launching throughout Ireland. It’s the ultimate in tanning technology – far more advanced than mitt tanning – The gLove gives an incredible finish with the pinpoint precision only your fingers have.  

The gLove has already been featured on Evoke.ie and very positively reviewed by Lovin Dublin

It’s made of the highest quality materials, hand-stitched and is machine washable and reusable. It’s currently available in one size that fits most hands but will also be coming soon in different sizes: small, medium and mansize.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention! Most amazing inventions arise out of a genuine need for something that works better than what has come before. Irish entrepreneur Janice O’Sullivan found that regular tanning mitts never seemed to get into tricky areas like in-between fingers and toes and left telltale streaks and unevenness. It led her to invent and design The gLove.


With The gLove, you can now tan in velvety soft comfort using the extra precision of your fingers without worrying about the uneven tanning that normal mitts leave behind. What’s more, The gLove cuts the time down of normal mitts as precision helps any type of tanning solution be it mousse or spray tan to glide on faster with less of need to “Go over things”!

The gLove works perfectly for an overall even tan but also around the tops of the legs, in-between fingers and toes and in delicate areas including under the arms and you can tan your face perfectly – better than any mitt out there. The gLove will provide pinpoint accurate tanning that’s completely undetectable.


Irish mum of three, Janice O’Sullivan, The gLove’s inventor spoke about her new invention: “I am so excited about launching The gLove! I spent a long time thinking about it, seeing if there was anything similar in the world, and there isn’t, it’s the world’s first tanning glove.”


“I then designed it based on my own medium-sized hand; leaving room for my nails. I spent late nights after juggling work and the kids to really get what I feel is a great product, from design to high quality and reusability. I am delighted with the finished result and I think anyone who loves to self-tan will enjoy it’s ease of use, perfect precision and it’s so fast too,” Janice says of her invention.


Go to: www.theglove.ie



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