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We go live on Facebook in one hour! Live Microneedling session using the dermica gold pen

 Superior Microneedling Skin Rejuvenation at The Anne McDevitt Laser & Skin Clinic

Visit us here at our Facebook page to view the Live MicroNeedling session

Microneedling is a long-lasting, rejuvenating procedure that results in fewer fine lines, wrinkles, reduction of scarring, less sagging and reduced pigmentation. Unlike some cosmetic procedures, microneedling works on the entire face, creating an appearance of plumped up skin. The tiny perforations in the skin results in more collagen coming to the surface in the weeks after the treatment. The full effect will reach fruition after a month.

The Anne McDevitt Laser & Skin Clinic has developed the process even further by adopting new technology to make microneedling even more effective. After the procedure they use a super Hydra Gel Mask, which is specially indicated post needling after which LED is used to boost healing and collagen production. It’s specific to calm and heal the skin and improve the skin’s self-moisturising ability.

It’s the perfect treatment for brides who want a wow-factor on their wedding day, people who have acne or other scars or if you’re someone who’s a little afraid to get botox done, and would like an alternative.

Microneedling is not a quick fix, there is some downtime involved, and clients must look after their skin following the procedure. Skin will feel tight (and in some cases will peel) and SPF is

essential, as is keeping the skin hydrated. Vitamin supplementation (especially of Vitamin C or a good multivitamin) is encouraged.

The Anne McDevitt Laser & Skin Clinic have been in the business of beauty for 30 years and is devoted to creating long-term results. They use one of the best professional microneedling systems on the market – the Dermica Gold Pen. Its unique electronic micro-needle system opens thousands of micro channels automatically. The micro-needles deliver hyaluronic acid and peptides into the upper dermis, this ensures a plumped up appearance over the entire face.

Microneedling results on pigmentation

Consultation and Treatment:
The following is a full and honest disclosure of what to expect with a microneedling procedure:

  • ●  After a full skin consultation, the fully-trained therapist will apply a numbing cream to skin. After it has penetrated, she will start the process.
  • ●  It takes about fifteen minutes in total. It will not be painful, however some areas: the forehead and bridge of the nose may be a little bit more sensitive.
  • ●  You may bleed, but that is not unusual and will not affect the healing process, in fact it will enhance the process.
  • ●  A Hydra Gel Mask will applied over the skin, immediately cooling and soothing the surface, then red and blue LED light is shone on the skin to enhance healing.
  • ●  You will be very red after the procedure, you cannot touch the skin, so wearing a hat is discouraged, however sunglasses can be worn (cleaned with alcohol). Bear this in mind in relation to getting home.
  • ●  The redness will start to dissipate a few hours later, but you should desist from touching your face until the next day.
  • ●  The next day you can wear makeup, but you must ensure that you keep very well hydrated and that you apply serums and moisturisers.
  • ●  Skin may continue to feel dry and tight, but after a week or so your skin will look plumped and bright.
  • ●  By the end of the month, the collagen has had its full healing time and the results of microneedling will be apparent, and the compliments will start rolling in.
  • ●  A course of three sessions are recommended a month apart for best results.Anne McDevitt therapists receive the highest possible microneedling training at the Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School, all are fully-trained beauty therapists with many years of experience in aesthetics.

For more information go to: http://www.annemcdevitt.com/skin-rejuvenation-technology/

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