Stella’s Royal Vlog - Ireland’s First Cartoon Spinoff Vlog
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Ireland’s First Cartoon Spinoff Vlog – Stella’s Royal Vlog

  • Stella’s Royal Vlog is available on YouTube at royalsnextdoor.com
  • Royals Next Door is currently airing on RTÉ2, with new episodes premiering on 15th September 2022

Stella’s Royal Vlog is the first Irish cartoon Vlog series available with content parents can trust.

Ink and Light is the Irish production company behind Royals Next Door, a 52-episode comedy series created and directed by Veronica Lassenius, and co-produced by Pikkukala in Finland. The series, recently nominated for a prestigious Royal Television Society award for Best Irish Children’s Programme, tells the story of a royal family who decide to downsize and lead a normal life. 

Stella’s Royal Vlog is an animated video diary series in which Stella, the lead character in Royals Next Door, discusses “the ins and outs of 13-year-old life.” Stella invites audiences into her home and shares moments from her life in a fun new way. 

Royals Next Door features a seasoned ensemble cast of Irish voiceover actors including Paul Tylak, Aileen Mythen, Dermot Magennis, Thommas Kane Byrne and Cathy Belton. The cast is led by real-life siblings Sophie and Erin O’Brien, who play Princess Stella and Princess Molly. 

Stella’s Royal Vlog is a new departure for Ink and Light, who has a track record in producing high quality animated series for broadcast, including Ollie on RTÉ& ITVBe and Harry & Bip on RTÉ, Sky & Disney. 

 “With Stella’s Royal Vlog, we are following our audience online, finding them where they are. It’s an exciting opportunity to explore new types of story-telling that an online platform offers. With no time limits or format restrictions, Stella – the lead character in Royals Next Door – can address the audience directly, inviting them into her world and adventures. It’s a perfect companion for the TV series,” says producer Tamsin Lyons.

Launched at the Annecy Animation Festival earlier this summer, Stella’s Royal Vlog includes  episodes featuring Stella’s family tree, a behind-the-scenes tour of her house, and a quest to find the perfect hobby. Upcoming episodes will spotlight her classmates – celebrating back-to-school week in Ireland – and a few surprise themes. 

Stella’s Royal Vlog, written by series writer Sian Ní Mhuirí, produced by Ink and Light (Ireland) and Pikkukala (Finland), is just one part of a broader Royals Next Door offering in the works. It is produced with the support of Screen Ireland’s Animation Concept & Innovation Fund, which is managed by Animation Ireland. 

Royals Next Door is currently airing on RTÉ2, with new episodes premiering on 15th September 2022. 

Stella’s Royal Vlog is available from:  (www.royalsnextdoor.com)

Search #stellasroyalvlog for more updates on Instagram and TikTok

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