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We need you! Empowerment and support for young women nationwide with the Shona Pledge

 The Shona Project invites Women across Ireland to Take The Shona Pledge

The Shona Project is looking for high profile beauty and fashion journalists, bloggers and influencers to take The Shona Pledge , an online pledge for young women (school age and onwards) that promises to be kinder to themselves and each other. All you have to do to help girl’s empowerment and self-esteem is to click on: http://www.shona.ie/the-shona-pledge/ and share across your social media from Facebook to Snapchat to help this worthy cause.

The Shona Project, which was launched in 2016, is an innovative support system for young girls living in Ireland. It has already reached over 60,000 girls through its s chool workshops, online articles and videos . The pledge was announced to coincide with the announcement of the organisations receipt of a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland award on October 4th, in The Mansion House in Dublin.

Featured on RTE News

The Shona Project addresses issues online and in school workshops such as: a nxiety and depression, bullying, body image, school stress, family difficulties, relationships and equality . They provide girls with information, access to positive female role models, and a place to share their stories.

They also encourage young women to take part in sports, the arts, business, politics and activism, and to promote the benefits of all these activities in terms of self-esteem, confidence and motivation.


Tammy Darcy, Founder, The Shona Project

Tammy Darcy, Founder, The Shona Project said:

“As women and girls, we are extremely hard on ourselves, and at times, on each other. It’s not easy being a girl in Ireland today, there are so many pressures, in particular to be Instagram-perfect. We introduced the pledge to encourage girls to be more accepting of themselves and of each other, to embrace our differences, and to appreciate that there is room for all of us to succeed, if we all work together and support one another.”

The organisation encourages women to sign the pledge, and to invite their friends, family and colleagues to also take part also. For more information on The Shona Project:
www.shona.ie @Shona.ie

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